What is PrivateCar and who started it?

PrivateCar is a lead gen marketplace and technology company that aims to increase sales for our limousine, taxi and bus company partners. We provide do it yourself helpful guides on how you can increase your own website traffic and sales, covering topics such as SEO, social media, content writing.

Who started and runs PrivateCar?

Hi, I am Greg, I started my first online travel business in 2003.

Gregory Bessoni PrivateCar Founder & CEO Linkedin Profile

I was the first website to list parking lot spaces for sale! Started with 10 airports and grew to over 100. I then got into airport transportation, marketing such companies as SuperShuttle, GO Airport Shuttle and many others. After having booked over 2 Million reservations, I wanted to put my experience and expertise out there for others in market to leverage and succeed in their businesses.

The PrivateCar Blog will be dedicated to helping small business owners increase their online traffic, create useful content, improve their SEO Skills and grow their social media reach.

Additionally, we cover topics on how to choose the best services and tools to run your business from how to retain and delight customers.

My goal is help you dominate your market. You may run a small limo company with 3 or 4 drivers or operate a large fleet of Vans, SUVs and Motorcoaches. Either way, the things I want to show you are the same.

  • Establish yourself as the leader / authority in ground transportation in your area
  • Be unique and original
  • Be a step ahead of the competition

A brief history

I was born in 1977, Feb 7th in Connecticut. I went to the University of Vermont where I studied Political Science with hopes to attend law school and become a Sports agent. But my brother, Gary, gave me a job in my Senior year that changed my life. I was tasked to market and sell leads to vendors, some he put in place for me and others I went out and secured. Within 1-2 months I was taking home 15,000 per month.

At this point, 3 more years of intense education didn’t seem appealing to me, while this new found Internet business avenue sure did.

Within a year I had written a business plan for Parking Access, LLC, the parent company of PrivateCar, which had the goal of bringing all things parking online. I worked with some of the smartest people at MIT and Babson College and launched the v1 of parkingaccess.com in 2003. By 2008 I was doing over 1 Million a year in sales.

But, the funny thing is I never actually learned how to do SEO or Content marketing, until 2018. Why? Well, I figured I could just hire people to do it, like many CEOs do, they delegate. But when times got tight and I couldn’t outsource any longer, I either could go out of business or learn for myself. Yes, times got that bad. Business is all about ups and downs, but building for the long-term ensures you can prosper when times are good, and stay afloat when they are not.

To make a long story short, I learned SEO and Content Marketing how many people in this industry learn. By reading the best material you can get your hands on about the subject. And today, that’s easier than ever. But you still have to put your learnings into action. Which I did. Using tools such as ahrefs and Surferseo, I’ve been able to grow my organic traffic by 10x. And I plan on showing all of you the same.

But SEO is not the only marketing strategy we’ll be talking about. We will also be heavily focused on Social media marketing, SMS marketing and general customer service best practices - to ensure you build a sustainable and recurring transportation business.

For the last 1 1/2 years I have focused all my attention on my two sites, Shuttlefare.com and parkingaccess.com. In 2021, PrivateCar will be a massive draw for me, because it will allow me to help others achieve what I’ve achieved in online growth as well as everyday practical business strategies.

That said, I’m still learning and still testing. But the bottom line is, I want to help you do the same. I want PrivateCar to be a go-to source for any startup or existing business who wants to grow their online traffic, customer base and dominate the competition. Within the next few weeks we will be launching the PrivateCar community, which will be your full, no strings attached access to ask any question from me or my team as well as network and gain knowledge from other like minded drivers and owners in the ground transportation industry.

In short, I want to ensure long term success of your business. Nothing I’m offering is a quick fix or fast money grab. Everything we do is for the long term. Sure the leads we send can result in immediate business/jobs. But how we retain those customers and make them your customers for life is where the real value lies.

I look forward to learning more about your business and your goals and wish you the best in 2021 and beyond.

All the best,

Gregory Bessoni Founder PrivateCar (203) 442-1465