1. Climb to the highest point of Mount Evans

Mount Evans Denver

On the off chance that you’re searching for some experience in nature, you will not get a preferable view or fresher air over at the highest point of Mount Evans! Colorado’s twelfth most noteworthy pinnacle has a height of north of 14,000 ft and is under 2 hours drive from Downtown Denver!

The pinnacle overwhelms the western horizon of the Great Plains alongside Pikes Peak, Longs Peak, and close Mount Bierstadt. The Mt Evans Scenic Byway is blustery, nerve-wracking, and once in a while painfully slow, taking you past snow-capped lakes and knolls, however, it is stunning!

The highest point itself is just open in Summer, however en route you can climb, fish, and outing. Watch out for mountain goats, elk, and sheep that are known to meander the region.

2. Rock Out at a Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Ostensibly one of the most outstanding open-air music scenes on the planet, Red Rocks Amphitheater is essentially as unbelievable as the groups that have played there! The goliath sections of red sandstone give astonishing acoustics and a considerably more emotional setting that groups and solo craftsmen can’t avoid shooting their shows at the scene.

Old school groups, for example, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and later symbols like U2 and Mumford and Sons have all graced the stage. If there is a show at Red Rocks that concurs with your visit, get your tickets now and say thanks to us later!

There are a larger number of activities here than shaking out to your #1 band… the amphitheater is arranged in a public park with sections of land of room to meander and miles of trails to climb however much you might want.

3. Test Some Local Brews

Denver is about specialty lagers and the trial enhances that recognize these brews from your common efficiently manufactured brew. The city is supplied brimming with creating bottling works, so there is no deficiency of decision, however, in LoDo, you’ll track down a grouping of good places to visit.

At the point when the specialty brew insurgency began to take off, LoDo was in the middle and Denver immediately came to be known as the ‘Napa Valley of Craft Beer’! Most brewpubs in the city offer testers of the different beers, ales, and pilsners marked down, and a generous feast for when yearning strikes.

Each specialty brewery has an alternate style that mirrors the beginnings or motivation for their proceeded with adoration for a lager.

4. Visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is well known for guardians taking their children on a nearby journey, yet this intriguing historical center likewise requests grown-ups without little ones! There are bunches of fascinating displays to see covering a large group of subjects and topics, so it’s ideal to give yourself a lot of chances to overcome everything.

The gallery got going as the Carter Museum, named after naturalist Edwin Carter, began showing an assortment of birds and vertebrates from his log lodge home in 1868. The gallery presently incorporates space shows, a planetarium, old curios, anthropological presentations, and a mechanical technology display!

5. Walk Around Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens is an incredible spot to unwind, walk around, and be encircled by vivid vegetation! The nurseries are beautiful lasting through the year, and make for an ideal family outing!

Preservation is a high need for the keepers who work energetically to give conditions ideal for jeopardized plants and normal natural surroundings for weak creature species. The nurseries give a large number of settings from a tropical biosphere to a Japanese nursery complete with lake and lily cushions.

On the off chance that you put in a couple of hours perusing every one of the wonderful regions (time passes by without acknowledging in this desert garden), make certain to pack a light cookout or something to nibble on. On the other hand, you can partake in dinner at one of two extraordinary eateries!

6. Make a Stop at Union Station Denver

Union Station Denver

No, we’re not recommending you bounce on a train and leave town, Denver’s Union Station is a famous vacation destination in itself. The station assembling originally opened in 1881 and has since gone through significant redesigns to turn into the delightful construction it is today. Alongside a memorable terminal structure, the station likewise includes a great inn and a few cafés and retailers.

A stroll through this glorious structure will be particularly satisfying for engineering buffs and admirers as Beaux-expressions, traditional restoration, and Romanesque recovery styles are on show. In any case, that is not all, it’s likewise an extraordinary put to taste on some specialty brew, partake in a heavenly dinner, or human watch in a delightful space!

7. Partake in a Stranahan’s Whiskey Experience

Stranahan’s Whiskey Experience

On the off chance that you love bourbon, indulge yourself with a bourbon experience at Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey refinery. This is a splendid Denver fascination that makes for an incredible stop while traveling alone, visiting companions, or when you simply need a speedy break from the children!

The refinery offers guests a free directed visit through the office, taking you through the various phases of bourbon creation, and in particular… a tasting toward the end! Regarded as a smooth and delightful bourbon, Stranahan’s mysterious fixing is the unadulterated mountain water of the Rockies.

8. Fly Through the Air on a Zipline

Ride Colorado’s longest and quickest zipline, only a short way from Denver! The ziplining course is settled in the Rocky Mountains and will give you an astounding experience!

With a rise of more than 8,000 feet, the perspectives are mysterious, yet provided that you make sure to open your eyes. Fly at velocities of up to 50mph along a course of more than 6,000 ft long! Take off through pine timberlands and over mountain knolls. It is a fabulous method for partaking in some natural air, seeing some superb Rocky Mountain sees and having a ton of tomfoolery.

9. Make a Stop at the Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum houses one of the most noteworthy assortments of craftsmanship in the United States! Spread across two structures that are similarly basically as amazing as the workmanship inside, the gallery is likely most popular for its showcases of Native American and western American craftsmanship.

The exhibition hall’s displays feature scope of craftsmanship, from popular specialists, for example, Vincent van Gogh and Winslow Homer to contemporary canvases and figures. Their broad assortment of western American workmanship, including canvases, models, and drawings returning two centuries is an unquestionable necessity!

10. Taste Local Wines at an Urban Winery

Colorado is home to the north of 80 wineries spread out across the state, remembering the most elevated-height grape plantations in the US! Visits to the wine nation are regularly a multi-day issue and a wonderful encounter. However, on the off chance that you lack the opportunity to go away from town on your Denver agenda, then you’ll be satisfied to realize that a large number of the wineries have basement entryways solidly in the city!

The metropolitan wineries and wine bars viewed in Denver tend as unlikely treasures and personal, ideal for people, couples, or little gatherings. Most wineries offer tastings, and some significantly offer wine visits, meaning you can taste a portion of Colorado’s best wines without leaving the city!

Wine generally works out positively for a few flavorful tidbits, so partake in a couple of hours loosening up in a pleasant setting, tasting a few delicious wines, and getting into a connoisseur Italian dish!

11. Visit Denver’s Revitalized Suburbs: LoDo and RiNo

Denver’s Downtown has gone through a time of late recovery, which has transformed a few recently neglected neighborhoods into in-vogue home bases for local people. Two of these rural areas are LoDo (Lower Downtown) and RiNo (River North Arts District).

LoDo is a clamoring downtown area currently known for its in-vogue shopping and eating scene. Inside the area, you’ll track down authentic structures of varying styles lodging hip stores, and bistros, like Larimer Square and Union Station. In summer, heaps are going on, including music shows and a week after week ranchers’ market.

The River North Arts District is a blend of innovativeness with works of art viewed on each surface accessible! Ensure you bring your camera along to catch a portion of the creative style and wonderful scenes!

12. Investigate the Victorian-Era Molly Brown House

Situated in the Capitol Hill District, the Molly Brown House Museum is an exemplary Victorian Manor with an inside reflecting the life around the last part of the 1800s. The exhibition hall was once the home of Titanic survivor and entertainer, Margaret “Molly” Brown.

A visit to the exhibition hall is incredible training into the existence of perhaps of Denver’s most motivating ladies and offers a brief look into Denver’s set of experiences. As well as finding out about Molly Brown’s insight on board the Titanic, you’ll likewise catch wind of her job in the ladies’ suffragette development and her undertakings in Colorado’s mining industry.

13. Visit a Cannabis Factory

The sporting utilization of marijuana in Colorado has been legitimate starting around 2012, with Denver profiting from an expansion in vacationers anxious to get the medical advantages of weed-based items. On the off chance that you are keen on the development, creation, or utilization of pot, why not visit a pot production line to get the most recent data on this restorative plant?

At Seed and Smith, Denver’s chief marijuana office, you will want to see the creation interaction from seed to the finished result. Each phase of weed creation is seen through glass windows, which imitates the organization’s way of thinking of straightforwardness. See the development room, extraction lab, and bundling focus, and learn all that there is to realize the medical advantages of the weed plant.

14. Go in Search of Paranormal Activity

For a creepy experience that will make your toes twist, go to Denver’s Capitol Hill area into the evening. The area is home to probably the most spooky structures in the city!

It’s ideal to stroll around in bunches while investigating Denver’s spooky houses, at any rate, to have individual observers when you find some paranormal movement! A few striking areas incorporate the Sheedy Mansion, thirteenth Street, and Poets Row. Look into your set of experiences and you’ll find the region was overflowing with outrages, treachery, and murder!

15. Settle a Murder Mystery at Adams Mystery Playhouse

Adams Mystery Playhouse is Colorado’s solitary venue committed to killing secret suppers! A night out at the house makes certain to give a few giggles, a tummy loaded with great food, and magnificent encounters.

The night opens with a welcome beverage in the Victorian parlor rooms, a scrounger chase that acquaints you with two or three characters, then into the lounge area for a smorgasbord dinner and an extraordinary homicide secret. At the point when the activity starts, it ultimately depends on you to collaborate with different visitors to settle the frightful wrongdoing!

16. Test the Denver Nightlife

Assuming you’re searching for some evening time fun, there are a lot of bars, bars, and clubs to browse in Denver! Regardless of your style, there is sure to be a spot at the party that suits your desire for music or societal position.

The Denver music and nightlife scene is buzzing with perfectly healthy! On some random evening, nearby public specialists are playing a great many classes in clubs all through the metro region.

From the sharp parlors and popular joints in Larimer Square and LoDo to the lively dance floors of the South of Colfax Nightlife District, The Mile High City knows how to party in style!

17. Take in the Amazing Vistas of Rocky Mountain National Park

Rough Mountain National Park

If you and your accomplice appreciate being outside and in nature, what could be more heartfelt than going through a personal outing in the delightful Rocky Mountain National Park? The Rocky Mountains are a short drive away and make for an incredible little escape or road trip.

There are some astounding climbing trails through snow-capped knolls and backwoods, with amazing perspectives from raised tops! In winter the public park is a decent spot to go skiing and snowshoeing. This open scope of nature isn’t to be missed out traveling to Denver!

18. Feast on Some Delicious Denver Cuisine

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you are hoping to keep your man blissful, treat him to probably the most delectable contributions in Denver! (Men, similar works in the opposite.)

Denver has a different food culture with hamburger and game meat being conspicuous fixings in commonplace western American passage, and green stew being ever well known. An extraordinary dish to pursue anybody visiting the city would be Rocky Mountain shellfish - southern-style bull balls!

There are a lot of extraordinary diners and eateries to look over. With a touch of examination am certain you’ll have the option to track down the ideal area for a heartfelt feast for two.

19. Get a Show at the Denver Performing Arts Complex

Denver Performing Arts Complex

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is one of the biggest multi-scene execution focuses on the planet! It arranges a wide range of live exhibitions, like ballet performances, ensembles, shows, and periodically live performances as well.

It is the scene of decision for visiting Broadway shows, as well as privately created plays. The open-air space has a wide range of festivities in summer, and is a bustling place for quite a long time!

20. Refine your Brewmaster Knowledge

Denver has a rich history of larger fermenting, and has one of the greatest convergences of bottling works in the country! A significant number of the nearby miniature distilleries offer background voyages through their offices, where you can find a way to improve on your blending information and taste a few examples as well!

Bottling works visits are presented at Strange Craft Beer Company, Great Divide Brewing Co, Prost Brewing Co, and Wynkoop Brewing Co, just to give some examples.

For premium ale darlings, the free independent visit through the Coors Brewery is a must-do! The set-up is fairly like a gallery, with bunches of data pieces and shows in plain view to assist you with valuing every one of the means of making an extraordinary tasting lager. The most amazing aspect, all things considered, is to be the free lager toward the end, it simply makes everything worth the effort!

21. Investigate the United States Mint

US Mint

For anybody inquisitive about the creation of coins, an outing to the US Mint in Denver is a flat-out must! A visit here will give you all you might be aware of the historical backdrop of coins in the US and how they are made.

The Denver part of the US Mint was underlying 1897 and delivered its most memorable coins in 1906. Today, the mint is still in activity, delivering coins for flow, as well as memorial coins. While being directed through the office, you’ll be given training on the printing cycles and will want to watch coins being made!

Make certain to book a visit ahead of time, as this is a well-known action!

22. Find out About the Importance of the Capitol Building

Denver Capitol Building

If you are visiting Colorado, you ought to come to see the state HQ for yourself! The Denver Capitol Building is a foundation of the city and one fine illustration of American neoclassical design! This lovely structure is certainly worth a short stop while you’re partaking in a vacation in Denver.

Developed during the 1890s from Colorado white stone, the structure formally opened in 1894. The Capitol is complicatedly brightened, with the gold vault containing genuine gold leaf to recognize the Colorado Gold Rush!

Make certain to climb the limited steps paving the way to the arch of this noteworthy structure, and take in the perfect perspectives from the top!

23. Look at Larimer Square

Get down to LoDo and absorb the climate in perhaps of Denver’s most noteworthy regions, Larimer Square. Its set of experiences stretches out back to the nineteenth century when Colorado was amidst the gold rush!

The square was once home to the principal bank, first dry products store, first book shop, first theater, and the city’s most memorable mail center! Peruse the remarkable shops, take a seat at a stylish café, or simply respect a couple of staying old structures.

24. Look at Denver Aquarium

For a great outing for the entire family or any individual who loves ocean life, the Downtown Aquarium is an unquestionable necessity! An aquarium in a landlocked state might be an uncommon thought, yet it offers important support in teaching general society about the astounding life under the ocean and igniting an oddity in kids that might not have at any point left the state.

The aquarium houses north of 500 types of astonishing ocean animals, in different themed regions. There are many presentations to keep you engaged, and a visit here is a phenomenal thought for both youth and old the same. Kids specifically love seeing the live mermaid show and getting absorbed in the blaze flood display!

25. Take the Kids to the Children’s Museum of Denver

Children’s Museum of Denver

If you’re searching for additional involved cooperation for your children, think about a visit to the Children’s Museum of Denver. This phenomenal office that energizes learning and happiness is the aftereffect of right around 50 years of progressing feeling for our young ones.

Since the gallery was begun from a change over school transport in 1973, it has developed into a must-accomplish for offspring, all things considered! When inside, kids are presented with intuitive, extraordinary, and drawing in valuable open doors which incorporate carpentry, staple showcasing station, rocket sending off, rock climbing, cave investigation, and parcels more!

Urge your children to run, wander and investigate while you get a truly necessary break!

26. Go to a Ballgame at Coors Field

For all baseball fans, nothing is more energizing than being taken to a ballgame at Coors Field! Home to Major League outfit the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field is a family-accommodating ballpark with extraordinary air!

For a decent perspective on the activity, with a dynamite setting of the Rocky Mountains, go for a seat close to the initial base or behind the right outfield. On the off chance that you can’t make a game, voyages through the arena offer an interesting background check the ballpark out.

27. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Treat your unique other to an additional extraordinary movement, when you take to the skies over Colorado in a sight-seeing balloon! A sightseeing balloon ride is a certain method for dazzling a friend or family member, particularly while tasting a few champagnes and taking in the stunning perspectives of the Rocky Mountains.

Regularly, sight-seeing balloon rides happen toward the beginning of the day, soon after dawn in the brilliant light of the early morning, when the world is gradually awakening. You’ll be blessed to receive a mainland breakfast before take-off, and a jug of champagne upon your protected re-visitation of earth.

28. Visit Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum

The Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum is a gallery that will entrance all airplane fans and their families. Housed in a 1930s previous Air Force shed, this exhibition hall has a genuinely magnificent assortment of nearly 50 airplanes and space vehicles.

A portion of the fundamental attractions in the assortment included uncommon airplanes, for example, a B-18A Bolo, an RF-84K Thunderflash Parasite, an Alexander Eaglerock worked in Colorado, and a Star Wars X-Wing contender. There is likewise a WWII uniform assortment and flying craftsmanship on the previous site of Lowry Air Force Base.

29. Look at Broncos Stadium at Mile High

The Mile High Stadium is home to NLF outfit, the Denver Broncos! Going to a Broncos game is an incredible encounter for all ages, yet if you can’t make a game there’s consistently a valuable chance to take a visit through the arena.

Get an in-the-background look into the inward functions of one of the most cutting-edge arenas in North America! While being directed around the arena, you’ll get to see the chief suites, the NFL visiting group storage space offices, Thunder Stall, Keg Room, and the entry passage to the field!

30. Take a Trip Back in Time at Forney Museum of Transportation

Forney Transport Museum

The Forney Transport Museum is a genuine vehicle sweetheart’s fantasy! The historical center has an assortment of more than 600 transportation relics that incorporates a wide range of vehicles, cruisers, airplane, carriages, steam trains, and bikes.

From a solitary 1921 Kissel, the historical center extended quickly to what it is today and makes for an extraordinary stop while in Denver.

31. Drive Along Winding Roads in A Sports Car

If you feel the requirement for speed, how about you put your driving abilities under a magnifying glass? Move inside an extravagance dashing vehicle and take to the twisting streets of Colorado, an encounter you will not neglect!

Driving down the super-thrilling gulch streets of Colorado is more enjoyable in restricted discharge Lamborghini or particular Porsche. Relax along a 65-mile gorge drive and perceive how much fun an extravagance sports vehicle can be!

If you’re hoping to get out and about for a genuine experience, look at our Colorado Road Trip Guide.

32. Fulfill Your Sweet Tooth at Hammond’s Candy Factory

Hammond’s Candy Factory

On the off chance that you have a sweet tooth, or a general interest in the creation of treats, then get down to Hammond’s Candy Factory! The sweets store gives free plant visits that are instructive and a good time for treat admirers, everything being equal.

Hammond’s has invited a large number of guests from everywhere over the world and exhibited how the notable hand-tailored treats sticks, candies, and lace candy are pulled, turned, and formed by hand in the manner in which they used to be in 1920! Also, the best part is that you’ll get free examples of the best candy toward the end!

33. Get Found out at the National Ballpark Museum

Public Ballpark Museum

For baseball fanatics, all things considered, a visit to this historical center will be an important thought! The Ballpark Museum’s assortment is perceived by Smithsonian Books as being one of the best confidential baseball assortments on the planet!

Baseball is a game that lives off sentimentality like no other, and you can’t get more nostalgic than visiting an exhibition hall devoted to old ballparks. Since the proprietor, Bruce Hellerstein, chose to show his astonishing assortment of ballpark memorabilia from the storm cellar of his home, baseball fans from around the nation have been making yearly journeys to this adored exhibition hall.

34. Go Rock Climbing

Exploit Denver’s nearness to the mountains, and figure out how to shake climb! The Denver Climbing Company Outdoor Climbing School gives proficient aides that guarantee rock climbing exercises are finished in tomfoolery and in a safe climate.

Anybody is free to join, including novices, kids, and experienced climbers the same. Courses are set up to oblige all expertise levels and give a tomfoolery challenge to everybody!

35. Stroll along the sixteenth Street Mall

Sixteenth Street Mall Denver

The sixteenth Street Mall is a passerby just lane fixed with different stores, eateries, and diversion scenes, making it a well-known spot to visit during the day! It extends over a mile long and is flawlessly fixed with red oak and beetle trees.

The sixteenth Street Mall draws in a different scope of customers and road entertainers, making it an extraordinary spot for a walk and a touch of people-watching!


The beautiful Mile High City of Denver has such a huge amount to offer! From epic road trips into the Rocky Mountains to unattractive specialty breweries and historical centers, there is a lot to get going with on your outing to Denver.

Whether you’re setting out alone or taking the entire family, there is something for everybody here back in Colorado City. Ensure you prepare and assemble your optimal Denver agenda to capitalize on your visit.

A phenomenal blend of history, sport, high-quality craftsmanship, remarkable view, and warm neighborliness looks for you on your Denver escape!

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