The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 and beyond has caused so many proms, bachelor parties, weddings, and other special occasion events to be pushed out or even canceled. But there’s a very good chance, those planned events in 2020, will happen in 2021! With that said, we have prepared a Complete Guide to Party Bus Rentals to help you figure out how to go about renting one or more of these vehicles for your upcoming event.

Special occasions

Many occasions in life are special and need to be celebrated out of town e.g a tour of Washington Dc with a group of friends on party buses. Somehow no matter how much fun it is arranging transport is always a hassle. If everyone is to drive out in their own cars, somehow, someone always gets lost (as Washington DC is extensive )or has car trouble, and then you also have to deal with parking issues. If you rent out a normal limo you have to deal with the little space and limited seating, so how do you solve this problem? Pick up your phone, dial the number of the amazing company you found on PrivateCar and rent out that party bus, we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Living life

Picture this, cruising the freeway and the downtown streets of Washington DC, New York or Las Vegas, in complete style with a large group of your loved ones and friends, enjoying a number of things such as your favorite music videos on a big flat-screen TV and sound system. Picture having a glass of that bubbly champagne or mixing your preferred cocktail drink right there at the built-in bar, think of all the lovely memories from the fun conversations you will be able to have while you are sitting on comfortable chairs in this party bus in DC. This will be transportation at its very best!

Why rent a party bus?

Let’s face it when you want to party for example in Washington DC, Miami or Los Angeles, you want a number of people with you and you want to be a rock star. That means only one thing - it’s book a Party Bus Time. People like you who have an upcoming Birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding, prom, or bar crawl to plan, are trying to figure out how to take your passengers from event A to B.

Should they all just drive themselves? If it’s an adult event, drinking may be involved, and having guests drive is not a good idea, so many people look to book a party bus DC, limo transportation, or bus service. This rental DC party bus will give you and your passengers excellent customer service and a good time.

So why a Party Bus? Well, with party bus rentals and limo service, when you give us a call to book, last minute or not, you’ll find a professional, friendly, and dependable chauffeur driver. This driver does this for a living. They know where to go, how to arrive there be it night or day, and how to take care of his/her passengers all the time. There’s nothing better than having a professional driver with experience to handle transportation as you’d like so you can focus on throwing the best event ever. Contact us for the best experience now!

What to consider while renting a party bus?

If you are having trouble finding the right party bus service e.g., in Washington DC, or are looking for a limo party bus last minute, look at the following tips that will help you make a good decision for your party bus rental DC and receive good customer service.

Find a reputable bus rental company

This is important for finding the best vehicle for your group. For a DC party bus, for example, validate the credibility of the chosen company by ensuring that the party bus rentals have current insurance, permit, and license.

Also, look for party buses that, one has an exclusive collection of vehicles e.g. 25 and 40 passengers capacity to assist you to settle for what suits you best for example when you are touring the Washington Dc area, do you need a passenger party bus or a limo bus?

Plan in advance

Party buses have become popular in recent years. However, it is important to note that you are not the only one preparing to hire a vehicle. Many individuals are of the same idea. Make sure to start fast, pick up your phone, and give a reputable company a call to higher your chances to get a vehicle that suits your event needs. Leveraging our site will help you find the best company.

Choose the right vehicle


It is important to know the exact number of travelers as you search for a rental car to get the best experience. It is pointless to rent a 40 passenger party limo bus in Washington Dc for example when you only need a 20 passenger party bus Dc. Party buses come in many varieties, Make sure to choose one that suits you.


If you need a party bus rental in Las Vegas. for example. to rent a versatile vehicle that is typically used for Weddings, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, and Nightclub excursions, you will be charged on the number of hours in your travel.

You are looking at spending roughly $120 per hour for your travel on these buses. You can have a number of 20 people on these party buses any time. These party buses not only have 20 couch seating but are fully loaded entertainment sound system, mood lights, and a flat-screen to give you a fantastic travel experience. In many party buses, yes, upon request, the party limo bus company can stock the bar with alcohol/adult beverages and mixes at cost (plus a minimal shopping fee). Is fuel costs included in the rental agreements of these buses? Keep in mind, when you see base limo fares, for example, $120 per hour on these buses, fees and excise taxes are not included in this hourly rate. Fees and taxes apply and can change, especially fuel surcharges. You’ll want to reach an agreement and small print when you make that phone call.

Different types of party buses

If you happen to be in Virginia and are looking for a good time with your friends, renting a party limo or bus is the way to go.

There are different rental options available in Virginia for around 25 to 33 passengers and 15 to 40 passengers capacity. These sizes will give you more room to make make a decision based on the business of the passengers and their budget.

Below are some of the exciting commodities you can expect to find in a party limo or bus rental service in Virginia

  • Restrooms You can choose whether the bus will have a restroom or not. If you are planning on something like a wine tour with bathrooms available along the way, you can skip this option. However, when it comes to longer trips, once you are on the bus, you will not want to stop for a bathroom break.

  • Comfortable seating Party buses have premium leather seats that will have you feeling comfortable and fancy all the way to your destination.

  • Lights Party buses are equipped with fiber optic lights. These lights have customizable show patterns. To access the lights, you will only need to give us a preference on how you’d like the lights and leave it to the limo service to transform the vehicle into an amazing club.

  • Electronics A flat-screen, DVD player and sound system are a great addition that gives you the chance to watch any music video or movie your people prefer along the way. There are also charging ports to charge your phone.

  • Dancing poles This is an option available on the party bus that gives you an amazing opportunity to show off your dance skills in the mood lights and take memorable pictures on your phone to remember the fun time.

  • Wet bar All you need to do is bring onboard your favorite drinks and we will supply all the ice and water you will need during the travel hours you spend at our wet bar.

  • Tunes No one likes a party without music. Choose your preferred music taste for the perfect atmosphere you want to set by connecting your device to the high-tech surround sound systems vire auxiliary cord or Bluetooth. With a combination of fiber optic lights, your limo service experience will be memorable. Record it on your phone!

If you are looking for a party bus for your group of friends and are on a budget in Virginia, look for options that provide discounts and cheap rates without compromising on the quality of service they offer. Look out for opportunities to save money and stick with companies that offer specials so that you will not dent your bank account to have a great time. Some of the offers available include,

Cheap party bus weekday rates

Amazing parties can also happen on the weekdays. You can get a cheap party bus rental on a weekday with good rates that are cheaper.

Additional special discounts

There are discounts for party buses available if you only know where to look Some of this can be on senior citizen guests and members of the military. also, if you are referred to a bus rental company by their previous customer, you will get an additional 25% off your rental this most will also give you a referral at 25% off the next ride.

Luxury and corporate party bus rental

  • Luxury travel If you are looking for more of a luxury feel, and professional service for your team, look for a luxury limousine party bus rental with its rights reserved. For example for bachelor’s and bachelorette parties that are looking to go all out and indulge for their last night single, many limousine party bus rentals will offer an all-in-one package that will make this last night one to remember for the rest of your life. Most of these limousine party bus rental companies e.g. a party bus dc will offer an all-inclusive bachelor and bachelorette party package that will include a private luxury limousine style transportation, pick-up and drop-off for your guests and yourself at your hotel, a glass of bubbly while cruising down the streets watching your favorite movie on a flat-screen with the mood lights on, and access to your preferred gentlemen’s club or male review.

  • Corporate travel If you are a corporate and are looking for a corporate limousine service package whether recreational or for business, look for one that will leave a positive impression on your business partners. Many party bus companies understand that there are different professional events, trade shows, tournaments, and conferences that will need to be treated with great professional service. Look for stylish, reliable, and prompt limo transportation with excellent drivers that will waste no time in bringing you to your destination be it in College park for example.

Many luxury party bus rental companies will offer a quality and professional limousine driver who will be ready to take you around and show you the best of the city you’re visiting e.g. When you are in Silver Spring, Washington D.C, and Las Vegas.

  • Experienced drivers A limo driver is extremely professional and ready to tackle the needs that your team will during the number of hours they will be in the limo. The driver is conversant with the scenic routes to take so that your entourage enjoys their time and all the sights and sounds of the city. You only need to pick up your phone and call up e.g. a limo at a Dc party bus to get the fun started.

Services offered

  • Events and attractions When you’re visiting the Washington D.C area, there are a variety of things to do and see. When you rent a party limo or bus, this will be the best way to get a group of your friends together and hit the road to see some of the popular D.C attractions. Below are just a few ideas for a great and fun party bus trip in your area.

  • Gallery, Museum and Culture Crawl There are several beautiful museums and galleries in the Washington D.C area. This is always a fun reason to get a group of your friends together and take a party limo, or DC party bus to visit a great variety of them in just one day!

  • Famous institutions You may have an eye for a number of sights such as the Smithsonian Institution, the national museum of women in arts, the national museum of the American Indian, the national museum of crime and punishment, the United States Holocaust memorial museum, or even the spy museum.

  • Art Other great galleries to have a look at include, the Corcoran gallery of art, the Phillip collection, and the National Gallery Sculpture Garden and Ice rink. The places to see provide endless possibilities and you will have a great experience learning something new.

  • Monuments and memorials It is important to have a look at a number of monuments when you are in the Washington DC area. You can plan a visit to the National WWII Memorial, the National Mall, the Washington monument, the Arlington National Cemetery, the African-American Civil war memorial and museum, the DC War Memorial, the Eisenhower Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the George Mason Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Pentagon Memorial while on the Washington Dc party bus.

This is just but a small list of the amazing places you can see and take pictures on your phone while on a dc party bus.

  • Pubs, Bars & Club Crawl Washington DC is known to have a serious reputation for people working hard and then partying hard.

  • Nightlife

  • There are a number of excellent bars and clubs in the area and it’s necessary fun to head out and see a bunch of them in a night club-hopping in the Washington DC area will make for a memorable night while on the Dc party bus.

  • Popular spots We recommend having a look at Pumphouse and the Rhino bar, Velvet lounge, Asylum, Wonderland Ballroom, Gazuza lounge, Chi-cha lounge, Bar pilar, Ultra bar, Pila K Street lounge, the Black, the Red, Apex nightclub, Bourbon and 9:30 club among many others.

Try to visit upscale clubs, pubs, Great dive bars, and sports bars, record the memories on your phone and you will experience the best of all worlds.

  • Trips out of town Everyone loves a trip out of town because they are always fun with great memories to capture on your phone. However, when you’re out of town you will need a good transportation service (bus rental)more than ever. We recommend as you will get great quality service on the party bus service.

As we wrap up

These are but a few ideas for your party bus service or limousine trip. If you have special occasions coming up, e.g. a bachelor and bachelorette party, anniversaries, cooperative’s birthdays or weddings coming up a party bus will be a great idea.