The concept of Limousine is as old as when the wealthy owned horse carriages that provide privacy to the passenger from the carriage chauffeurs. In the 18th century, the carriage was used to have 4 to 5 people seating capacity with the chauffeurs sitting outside without any weather protection.

Let’s look at the interesting history and the evolution that limousines have gone through over the years.

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1700 to 1900s, the name Limousine And The Usage
“Limoges, a province in France, is where the first engine-powered Limousine was developed in 1902. “Limousine” comes from the word Limoges. These cars were called that because the first Limousine was designed so that a driver sat outside in a covered compartment that resembled the cloak hood worn by the people of the province.”

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Back in the day high profile prisoners were also transported from town to town in some cases. Due to the only vehicle with the better capacity, it also was used as a delivery vehicle. It was not named Limousine in the 17 and 1800’s, the name only came into existence in the 1900s after the first combustion was invented, and the automobile made its mark as the most significant achievement of humankind.

Vintage limousine

That was the era that made it possible for the upcoming limousines to evolve in the most unimaginable ways. The first Limousine came into being in 1928 in Arkansas; it used to transport large music bands and orchestras to the venue.

The Evolution of Limousine And Its Services

Limousine services have come a long way from just being a transportation mode for different purposes due to their capacity to win their rightful place in the market by becoming a luxurious transportation mode for the most memorable events of one’s life. Started from mere 4 seaters, horse and carriage in the 1800’s and 5 to 7 seating Cadillac Limousine with an engine in 1928, Cadillac and Chrysler have led the way limousines throughout time.

The evolution of limousine

Limousine service has become a symbol of luxury in the past 20 years since the concept of stretching of the different vehicles became mechanically possible and safe with the advancements in the automobile industry.

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Not only have limousines drastically evolved in their mechanics, but the amenities it comes with have reached an unimaginable magnificence with the full range bar, led lights, strobe light, led TV, and the sound system quality that can only be seen the clubs are now a part of any limousine.

How limousine evolved over the year limo of 2000’s

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If you look at the evolution closely, you will realize the limousines have not just advanced in one type of Limousine that we know of. Still, now the limousine types range from regular VIP limousines, stretched limos, stretched SUVs, Hummer Limousine, and a full extended party bus with 30 to 35 seaters with dance floor and dance poles is something we did not see coming 20 years ago.

Hummer limousine a league of its own