Driving traffic to your website is much like planning a roadway that enters a town; the more convenient and well designed roads are, the better impact it will receive.

Use social media to grow your ground transportation business - learn now in this article

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There are some prerequisites to fulfill before you jump into the marketing game. Starting with an optimized social media profile is the key. Consider it as the road sign to the town. Ensuring your social media bio contains relevant information with the keywords is as important as optimizing your website with SEO. Content that you share online is the leading player of the strategy.

Having said that, the traffic that you are after needs to be diverted ideally to your website. To achieve a successful diversion here are some important pointer for limousine service websites:

  1. Clean, on point, Informative, simple design, and easy to navigate.
  2. (Limousine = Elegance) promote a brand that is professional and classy.
  3. Must be user friendly in terms of booking and contacting your sales representatives. (chat & voice)
  4. Looks and works great on the mobile device for you to achieve mobility.

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Targets Audience

Every field requires a target persona; without it, you are just speculating. It is nearly impossible to reach out to everyone in your industry; so narrow it down to your specific buyer persona. Otherwise the content strategy will have no direction and that can end up creating a mess.

The more niche your audience is, the better it will be for your content marketing; It will help you to come up with specific posts and master a particular area. It will also get easier for the general public to understand your message and look for you when they need a service that you are known for. T here are few basic ways to know your buyer persona, starting from the primary type of distribution like: age bracket? It will help you develop your content according to the audience’s maturity level.

What can be attractive to the audience from 40 to 50 won’t work for the audience’s bracket of 25 to 35. The next question can be’ what is the area of residence? It will let you shape the strategy, for example: simplicity OR extravagance.

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After you have decided on the age and the location, you need to know their interest? It will help you produce and share the content that will only attract a targeted audience of those particular interests.

To answer the questions mentioned above. You need to dig a little deeper:

  • Identify location
  • The interest in business/leisure travel
  • Income level / Household income
  • Job description
  • Education

Engage with your audience

If you look at the business model and the similarities of every limousine service. From an aerial view, They all look the same. Your priority should be to master a niche in the limousine service sector, gain a competitive advantage and capitalize on it by communicating to your target audience.

Interacting with your current and potential customers builds an ultimate trust because only a brand that speaks to its audience gains a rapid increase in brand preference.

Even if a limo service provides the same amenities as their competitor, you then have to highlight what makes you better than the competition and spotlight it to enable your brand to stand out in the market.

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A business that focuses on solving its customers’ problems comes out as a trustworthy brand; sometimes, the minor competitive advantages can pull the customers your way.

Find that vital value proposition, analyze how many of your existing clients appreciate such value, make it better and present it by creating a content strategy around it.

Do your homework and research on what distinguishes you? What is your major? City tours, Party Bus, limo for weddings OR on-time airport drop-offs. Now that you have answered these questions, it’s time to create and start communicating with the audience.

Your communication plan should not be one way; you must be available on social media to answer the queries of your audience. It is a bad practice to publish online without being available to answer the queries, in fact do not plan on posting if you don’t have a plan to answer the question. Otherwise this will definitely leave a negative impression on you customers. It’s like customers walking into a store without anyone to attend to them.

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Promote your content

Don’t shy away from spending some money to promote your content. You are already on a very cost-effective social media path; promoting your content will get you more eyeballs. The more people see your content, the better chances for you to get engagements. It will eventually lead to achieving more followers.

Promotional content is more focused on your service for example offering some seasonal discounts on your rides or providing your customers a promo code to use for their next ride. You must promote this sort of content via Facebook boost and ads. Like a weekend post “TGIF, “ the content on the lighter side doesn’t need to be promoted.

Similarly, if you are writing relevant blogs for your limousine services, you must also put some money on it to promote, as it will help you optimize the SEO for your website.

“Did you know: Some bloggers recommend you spend as much time promoting your content as you do writing it. (Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has an 80/20 split: 80 percent promotion, 20 percent writing.) We’re grateful for the chance to share with large audiences on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Sharing once to these networks let us get a new post in front of 1,000s of readers who then have the potential to share it with thousands of their readers, and so on and so on.

Jeremy Waite shared this amazing stat in a post about social media rules:“

“1 active user is a BIG deal. They have 140 friends. And their friends have 140 friends each. Therefore 1 piece of great content has the chops to reach 2.7m people within just 4 generations.” www.buffer.com

Important Tip

Plan to share a lot of feedback/testimonials about your current clients on social media. Nothing creates more trust than to display the testimonials of your existing clients. It is the oldest and most effective strategy to pull the traffic.

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Posting informative content when your audience is active

Limousine services starting new on Facebook must research at least 10 competitors pages and reliable sources to find out the best time/day for them to post on Facebook, because every industry/service differs in this area. There is no point in posting when your audience is not active; your post should aim to reach as many people possible in just 30 minutes of posting.

“Social bakers’ data shows a dramatic drop-off in share of reach after the first 10 minutes, when posts got one-third of their total reach. In the 11-20 minute period after publication, posts reached an estimated additional 13.2% of their total audience, while in the following 10-minute period, they reached just another 4.7% of their total audience. By the time 90 minutes had passed, the average post was reaching less than 2% of its total audience.” www.marketingcharts.com

Best times to post of Facebook Photo Credit *“Achieving a target for posting is not enough; surely it gets the work done, but what you should be looking for is work well done. Quality over quantity should always be the strategy.” *

Brands who compromise on quality are bound to realize that they should have spent more time creating gold content. While losing what should have been a premium presence has now seemed to have made an abyss of cheap content that doesn’t even sound attractive to you, unfortunately, ended up being a part of your brand image now.“ Team Could Source

Well researched and content that adds value is the center of a Facebook page; timing and the quality of the content go hand in hand. If you share content on time without any value, it won’t achieve the goal; similarly, top-quality content without timing will not go a long way too.

Share Images/videos/gifs in the content

Human being’s senses are triggered more when they hear and see at the same time. Content that contains a video receives a better response than just text. Gifs and images are the 2nd most favorite on the web. Try to share attractive images/charts/graphs to support the text; sometimes, people are in the mood to glance. It gives the audience the liberty to skim through the content and absorb maximum information.

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Brands use this strategy to enable their content to stand out in the Facebook feed. Put yourself in the situation of endlessly scrolling down on your Facebook feed. You will find yourself stopping at the content with attractive colors, faces, images, or videos. For your social media presence to look professional and followable. It would be best for you to make every post stand out.

Lastly, attracting traffic is a process that needs enormous consistency and research. So read, read and read.

It also takes time, so you need to be patient; remember your limousine service is not alone on Facebook; a lot of competition surrounds you, but luckily there is plenty for every business online due to its reach.

There should not be any delay for you to start being active on social media because building rapport online takes time, but once you achieve enough followers and understand your audience, it will be a smooth sail. Do not give up halfway just because people are not liking or sharing your content; keep in mind to use your friends and family in the starting stage to gain that initial boost.

May the online gods shine on you. 🙌