Limousine is easily over a century-old concept now, but that does not mean that people are fully informed about it. Like any other business, the limousine has its fair share of misconceptions.

There are comfortably more than 20 misconceptions but Limousine service, but we will look at the most important ones that might affect the limousine customers or the business.

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Restricted For In-Town Transportation

Limousine has many options from different types like SUV Limo to Stretch Limo with no restriction to limit yourself to intra city transport. Limousine has become one of the most loved transportation due to its affordability and amenities. People from all walks of life consider enjoying it with their peeps no matter the occasion or distance because limousine companies have gone to a maximum hospitality level that everyone wants to experience.

Limousine are not limited to the same city

Hence getting rid of the limitation to distance. People plan destination weddings and take their families on the limousine to avoid renting multiple cars to cut the cost of traveling and having professional chauffeurs drive you with safety.

No Short Trips

People still think that limousine companies have a starting cap on the number of hours you want to rent. This might have been true two decades ago, but with growing competition in the limousine business, the companies are way too flexible, which means no limitation on the number of hours.

Limousine does not have a time limitation

Businessmen use limousines for airport pick-ups and drop-offs, a trip that takes not more than 45 minutes to 1.5 hours maximum if the airport is in the same city—opening the possibilities to rent it for even an hour.

If You Have a Driving License You Can Be A Chauffeur

Chauffeurs are always seen as not more than an average driver; what people don’t know is that a chauffeur’s license is different from a regular driving license. The best example can be a forklift operator or a crane operator.

If You Have a Driving License You Can Be A Chauffeur

Chauffeurs have to go through specialized training and have to keep them updated with the changing requirements in the industry. For Limousine companies, a chauffeur is a make or break role, won’t be an exaggeration to say a limo company is judged by the kind of chauffeurs they have.

Limousine Is A Brand

A lot of people think limousine is a brand like Mercedes-Benz or Audi that is just naive. It might be due to its reputation that it is seen as a brand.

Limousine in not a name of a car manufacturer

But for all the people out there who think limousines are a car manufacturer, that is misinformation, and in fact, nowadays people are turning a lot of cars into limousines by stretching them. Limousine is a concept that is centuries old, and the first limo ever invented was in 1928.

They’re Not Easily Available

Some misconceptions about limousine might have been right a few decades ago, but the competition and the demand have grown so much that it is readily available in all the states. And if you are talking about a season like Christmas or a wedding, that is also not a problem if you are booking in advance.

limousine service is available in almost all the states.

So to answer this, the direct limousine does not have a problem of availability at all.