17 Things to do in Baltimore - Activities, Itineraries, and Day Trips

Maryland’s Baltimore isn’t the very thing one of the US’ most visited urban areas. As a matter of fact “Bawlmer” has something of a coarse standing aided to a limited extent by HBO’s acclaimed wrongdoing series “The Wire” which for the vast majority, set the city up for life. Nonetheless, simply take a top underneath the surface, and guests will find a lively spot quickly developing into itself.

Balti has a ton making it work. It offers a top-notch aquarium, incredible ocean bottom, and some extraordinary plunge bars. Other things to do in Baltimore incorporate Civil War-time landmarks, harbor travels, and excursions out into the delightful territory of Maryland.

However, imagine a scenario in which you need to get off the traveler trail, outside of what might be expected, to discover a portion of the more peculiar and great, unusual activities in Baltimore. Indeed, that is the reason we have chosen to assist. We’re imparting to you our rundown of genuinely cool stuff to do in Baltimore, from finding Edgar Allen Poe’s last resting place, to looking at the most established bar around, and significantly more.

Top Things to Do in Baltimore

1 . Investigate a notable pilgrim harbor at Fells Point

pilgrim harbor at Fells Point

Baltimore’s verifiable certifications aren’t precisely a secret mystery, however, that doesn’t mean lapping everything up does not merit your time. Fair warning: it thoroughly merits your time. Quite possibly the best thing to do in Baltimore, then, at that point, assuming history is what you’re searching for, is to take a look at Fells Point.

This pioneer harbor-side region is, as you could anticipate, pretty enchanting stuff. Here you get to meander around cobbled roads with old gas lights, fixed with exceptionally old block apartments. It’s not all set of experiences, however, as it’s likely the best spot to evaluate Baltimore’s renowned crab.

2. Meander around the city’s rancher’s market

rancher’s market If you’re in any way similar to us, odds are you’ll appreciate both eating and checking food out. Baltimore’s Farmers Market and Bazaar is a decent spot to do both of these things; you can get a heap of new products, from fish and meat to cheddar and bread. You can likewise get hand-tailored apparel and other natural products.

Situated on Saratoga Street, arrive in the early morning for the best pick of the new merchandise here. However, make a point to fuel up with an espresso or elective caffeine fix first!

3. Go through the morning at Union Collective

Union Collective Association Collective is an all-in-one resource for a heap of tomfoolery stuff. Envision where you can grasp with a climbing wall, great food and a lot of shopping open doors. Without a doubt, you might think, “um, that is a shopping center” yet this spot is more than a shopping center. Set in a reused, previous modern structure, this is more similar to a local area center point with a lot of extraordinary advantages.

Since it’s everything inside, we ensure that this is quite possibly the best thing to do in Baltimore while it’s pouring (which could occur, we should be genuine here). You can visit a brewery. Then go for frozen yogurt a short time later. How could that be not wonderful?

4. Eat your strategy for getting around Mt. Vernon

The Washington Monument Named after a general of the American Revolution, Mt. Vernon turned into a multi-ethnic local area after 1812, assisting it with turning into the fascinating region that it is today. As needs are, you’ll track down everything from Afghan cooking and Turkish kebabs, to Chinese dumplings and faint aggregate, all amid stupendous structures, galleries, and extraordinary perspectives on the city.

Mt. Vernon is an interesting, noteworthy understanding of Baltimore’s multicultural foundation. It’s a decent spot for foodies and design buffs the same. Try to detect the Monument to Washington as you investigate.

5. Meander around the fashionable person ’hood of Hampden

hood of Hampden

One more of the city’s different areas, popular Hampden merits an outing on the off chance that you’re searching for trendy personal activities in Baltimore. Based on West 36 Street, where you’ll find an entire mixed drink of cool store, rare shops, intriguing workmanship exhibitions, jump bars, and non-mainstream record shops.

When a common factory town, Hampden is presently the trendy person focal point of Baltimore. You ought to visit on the off chance that this is your kind of thing; it’s exceptionally simple to make a day of it here, with numerous bistros and eateries to keep you fuelled as you wander around. Look out for road craftsmanship wiped on the sides of structures.

6. Test the city’s distilleries

distilleries Like a ton of other North American urban communities, the specialty brew frenzy hasn’t left Baltimore immaculate; truth be told, the city has a pretty exceptionally evaluated lager scene. On the off chance that you’re a fan, or on the other hand to drink some lager, having a look at a portion of the city’s bottling works is a generally excellent thought and one of our number one activities in Baltimore when we’re there.

Curiously, this is the main spot in the entire USA that was considered adequately commendable to play host to its own Guinness Brewery. On the off chance that you like a glass or two of the dull stuff, you ought to make a direct path here. Different breweries are accessible, however, like Heavy Seas, or still more modest arrangements like Diamond Back Brewing, and Waverly.

7. Go Skiing


You likely didn’t think about skiing when you’re in Maryland’s greatest city, however, it’s one of the most amazing outside y activities in Baltimore. You should simply jump on the Baltimore Ski Bus at Pennsylvania Station. You will then be whisked the whole way to Liberty Mountain.

Get a lift ticket and recruit some hardware at the retreat and partake in a day on slants; whether you’re an accomplished skier craving for some powder, or on the other hand if you’re a novice stirring things up around town interestingly, it’s ideally suited for a courageous day from the high rises.

This is an occasional movement.

8. Go on an outing to the American Visionary Art Museum

With regards to uncommon, outside of what might be expected activities in Baltimore, they don’t get more novel than the American Visionary Art Museum. It could say “Workmanship” and it could say “Exhibition hall”, yet believe us: it’s not your customary craftsmanship gallery. This spot is weirdo wackiness at its ideal.

Situated at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, this spot is about untouchable craftsmanship - self-educated specialists whose work permits you to see the world according to altogether different viewpoints. In plain view, you’ll find fascinating designs, similar to a 50-foot-high, wind-fueled mold made by a 76-year-old rancher, and a 16-foot model of the RMS Lusitania made from toothpicks, in addition to other things. A cool spot to investigate.

9. Offer your appreciation at Edgar Allen Poe’s Grave

Edgar Allen Poe’s Grave

You might know the creepy stories and sonnets of Edgar Allen Poe; assuming you do, you’ll presumably be very intrigued to go on the chase after his grave. However brought into the world in Boston, it’s in Baltimore that he died in 1849, in odd conditions he was tracked down meandering the roads “in extraordinary trouble, and… needing prompt help” and wearing garments that weren’t his own. Abnormal.

Previously covered in a plain grave, public tension developed, and at last, his cousin raised a legitimate, marble landmark to him. You can find his last resting place in Westminster Cemetery, which is on the southeast corner of Fayette and Greene Streets.

Security in Baltimore

Baltimore doesn’t precisely have a set of experiences just like a “protected” city on the off chance that wrongdoing levels are anything to go by and experiences posse and medication-related issues. Be that as it may, it is for the most part ok for guests.

In the more touristed regions, similar to Fells Point, the Inner Harbor region, and even Hampden, you just have to take the typical city safety measures like watching your effects and being aware of pick-pockets.

In the evening, notwithstanding, Baltimore gets somewhat more problematic. You’ll need to keep an eye out around ATMs into the evening and stick to sufficiently bright regions. It’s ideal to get a taxi as opposed to taking a public vehicle around evening time, as well - particularly if you’re without help from anyone else or are uncertain where you are going. Assuming you’ve recruited a vehicle, ensure you leave no resources in plain view and that you leave in a protected spot.

Something else to keep an eye out for is the climate. It can get very cool in the colder time of year, with a normal of 20 creeps of snow and high breezes. In the mid-year, tempests can gEdgar Allen Poe’s Graveet weighty and in some cases postpone flights. Know, be ready, and you ought to be fine. Look at our gathering of the best travel protection.

10. Have a beverage at The Horse You Came In On Saloon

The splendidly named The Horse You Came In On Saloon is an old-fashioned bar, fundamentally, and it traces back to 1775. That is old, individuals; truth be told, it’s more established than the United States of America, yet simply by a couple of years. Since opening, it’s been a bar. It’s been nothing else except for a bar - even through Prohibition.

Having a beverage at this famous spot is perhaps the best thing to do in Baltimore around evening time. It’s a cool spot to think of yourself as in: there’s unrecorded music, Edgar Allen Poe torment it (obviously), and the bar stools are made of seats. We’re well into this one.

11. Go to a work of art class

Federal Hill Park

If you would rather not drink and just beverage, then, at that point, one more extraordinary thing to do in Baltimore around evening time is to hit up a composition class held by purveyors of tomfoolery, Haymaker. This isn’t any standard painting class, however, is more about getting to know some individual voyagers (or inhabitants) with some imagination, mingling, and - on the off chance that you like - a touch of drinking.

Check accessibility and book on the web assuming this sounds like your jam. Then advance over to the Haymaker scene in Federal Hill Park and you’ll be provided with every one of the vital devices to release your imaginative interests (counting drinks).

Heartfelt Things to Do in Baltimore

12. Take a journey around the harbor

Quite possibly of the most quintessential thing to do in Baltimore is to take a journey around the harbor. It’s a must-do in the city, up there with examining the renowned Baltimore crab. It’s valid. It’s an extremely famous method for investing your energy in the city and understandably: the city looks marvelous from the ocean.

Furthermore, if you’re here with your accomplice, going on a journey around the harbor is something top to do in Baltimore for couples. Take a voyage, see the city from the deck, have some lunch, a few beverages, partake in some music - but you decide to leave on your journey insight. Tip: Take a boat from Baltimore Inner Harbor.

13. Go for supper in Little Italy

Little Italy

You might have previously speculated, that Little Italy is an incredible put to go to chow down on some astonishing food. Developed in the nineteenth century on account of Italian migrants, Little Italy today is perhaps the best spot in Baltimore to find, who could have imagined, delectable Italian food.

Here you can feast on broiler-heated pizzas over candlelight, get into homemade meatballs, and stuff yourself with gnocchi. Assuming you and your accomplice are crazy foodies, there’s no question that this will be perhaps the most heartfelt thing to do in Baltimore. Sharing dinner and a couple of glasses of wine: flawlessness.

Best Free Things to Do in Baltimore

14. Go to The Book Thing and view it as another read

The Book Thing

Effectively quite possibly of the best free thing to do in Baltimore: The Book Thing. It’s anything but a book shop, it’s anything but a library, it’s where you can go get free books. “What’s the trick?” you’re pondering. Reply: there isn’t one.

Run by volunteers, The Book Thing is a pre-owned book shop where individuals give their undesirable books. You can simply stroll in and take them: individuals who run this wonderful drive simply maintain that individuals should understand books. However, there are thousands to look over (they’re stepped with “not really for resale).” Anybody who prefers books, or free things, you’ll adore it. Tip: it’s just open at the end of the week.

15. Visit the Walters Art Museum

Walters Art Museum

One more astounding free thing to do in Baltimore is to peruse the assortments of antiquated and not-really old antiquities and shows the Walters Art Museum. Set in the noteworthy Mt. Vernon area, you can see things from 5000 BC in plain view here, and you can see things from the 21st 100 years.

Everything started when donor Henry Walters gave his assortment of craftsmanship and ancient rarities to the city. Today that heritage continues, with the free social area of interest accessible for anyone to come and get familiar with some things. Being set all inside (an extremely decent structure), it’s great to do in Baltimore when it downpours. It’s shut on Mondays and Tuesdays, FYI.

Best Things to Do in Baltimore with Kids

16. Ride the waterside Carousel


Set along the waterfront in the city at National Harbor are a heap of various activities in Baltimore for youngsters. There are jungle gyms and an entire heap of other family-accommodating fun that can be needed to keep little ones engaged, on the off chance that they need engaging, that is.

The Carousel, for instance, with its wooden ponies and exemplary Americana flows, is a 36-foot ride that is perfect for more youthful youngsters. Snap a few pics for some really one-of-a-kind vibe recollections from the city. Whenever you’re finished zooming around aimlessly, there are a lot of parks to walk around in and let off some pressure.

17. Go through the day at the Railway Museum

Railway Museum

What kid doesn’t adore railroads and trains? Essentially a fixation hits practically every kid for a couple of years from age 2 upwards, so to go through the day at a genuine Railway Museum will be perhaps the best thing to do in Baltimore for families.

Situated in the noteworthy Southwest Neighborhood, in a Georgian-style working from 1851, this spot recounts the narrative of the railroad nearby. Ideal for youngsters (and train devotees the same) you can ride the one-mile train, investigate the rare roundhouse, and see showcases of a wide range of motors and other train memorabilia. An extraordinary outing, if we might say so ourselves.

Roadtrips from Baltimore

You have a lot of activities in Baltimore. That is fine and dandy. However, there are a few pretty astounding things simply on the doorstep of this similarly astounding city that are both simple to reach and, indeed, must-see kind of spots. Significant urban communities litter this district of the United States, so we’ve shared a couple of famous road trips from Baltimore to spark your interest for additional investigation.

Take the train to New York

You’re in Baltimore, which is cool, yet New York City is simply on the doorstep. If you weren’t wanting to remain in NYC itself (since, you know, it’s costly) then, at that point, requiring a road trip from Baltimore to this worldwide megalopolis is smart. Start right on time and get on the Amtrak train that will speed you straightforwardly to Pennsylvania Station in New York. Try not to stress over breakfast: you can have that on the train’s bistro vehicle.

You’ll show up in the Big Apple early in the day. With just a day in the city, you’ll have a great deal to pack in, so your most ideal choice is to take a bounce on, jump off transport so you can focus on the sights you need to see: observatories, theaters, exhibition halls, Times Square, Macy’s…. There’s a lot of stuff to do in New York, so it’s ideal to contemplate a portion of your list of must-dos exercises and attractions before you head off.

Make a day of it in Washington

Not exclusively could New York, New York at any point be reached effectively on the Amtrack, yet so can Washington D.C. Another extraordinary US city, and - obviously - the capital of the country, Washington is so brimming with history, Civil War legacy and a lot of great, grand structures and landmarks that going on a road trip from Baltimore to this intriguing spot are somewhat of an easy decision. It’s simply an hour’s drive from one city to another.

When you’re in Washington D.C., you can hit up a heap of entrancing sights associated with US history. Advance toward Fort Stevens, visit Fort Ward, find out about the life and seasons of the man himself at Lincoln’s Cottage, and see the Robert E. Lee Memorial. Have some lunch at Fort Myer Officer’s Club for full insight into Civil War interests.

3 Day Baltimore Itinerary

That was our manual for the best activities in Baltimore, as well as two or three marvelous road trips from Baltimore, to ensure your excursion to the city is as fascinating as it might be. Yet, squeezing that stuff into your visit could be all interesting, which is the reason we’ve concocted this convenient multi-day Baltimore agenda, just to ensure your timetable is loaded with the most elite - and moves along as planned, as well!

Day 1 - History and Culture in Baltimore

Get your day going at noteworthy Fells Point for a meander around the block structures and cobbled roads of the harbor. We would suggest having some morning meal at Blue Moon Cafe, an exemplary breakfast joint nearby, so you’re reasonably fuelled up to will holds with all the set of experiences happening here. In the wake of walking Fells Point, bounce on the CityLink transport and ride 25 minutes to Mt. Vernon.

Another delightful, notable neighborhood, Mt. Vernon is a generally multicultural region and comes total with some multicultural eats for you to chow down on, as well. Perhaps the best spot you could go to in this space is Mt. Vernon Marketplace - a food court where you can get anything from ramen or Korean food to burgers, crepes, clams, tacos, and a whole lot more. A foodie’s fantasy, we’d say.

Determinedly full, now is the ideal time to move from the commercial center 2 minutes to Walter’s Art Museum. Set in a terrific structure, this spot is open till 5 pm - however, is open till 9 pm on Tuesdays, if you’re there, and want to remain longer. Whenever you’ve seen sufficient workmanship, we suggest supper and beverages Downtown; go to HomeSlyce, an out-of-control bar-cut pizza shop that is loads of tomfoolery. You’ll adore it.

Day 2 - Hipster Stuff in Baltimore

Begin the most fashionable person of days in Baltimore with an excursion to Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar. It’s a great opportunity to snatch yourself some morning meal, as there is a lot of food slows down and merchants to examine and look over here. There are a lot of where you can get newly prepared merchandise and different mixes and meals of espressos all over the planet. It’s perfect, in a word.

Whenever you’re finished perusing the different products of the market, now is the right time to mosey on down to Hampden. Ride the CityLink red transport for 28 minutes to show up at Baltimore’s debut fashionable person region, a once modern region currently slithering with territories of cool. Observed Summer is a prestigious record store with extraordinary stock; Roosevelt Park is a decent spot to hang out. Eat at The Food Market.

There’s even some of the time a market happening down West 36 Street. Walk around and investigate, then now is the ideal time to see the United States just Guinness Brewery. It’s a brief drive away, in Halethorpe, so take a taxi. Figure out how everything functions, then taxi or Uber it back into town and go on with the drinking at The Horse You Came In On Saloon. Get some bar tidbits and express howdy to the apparition of Edgar Allen Poe.

Day 3 - A Chilled Day in Baltimore

Association Collective is as great a spot as any to get going on your third and generally chilled days in Baltimore. There’s a lot of stuff to do all under one rooftop; for the ravenous, you can have breakfast or early lunch at Vent Coffee Roasters. Hit up the climbing wall assuming you feel adequately fiery to do as such. Then pick either a brief drive or 40 minutes on the transport and get yourself to Baltimore Inner Harbor.

It’s from this spot that you can undoubtedly go out on a noon journey (quite possibly of the most quintessential thing to do in Baltimore, we could add). Drink up the city horizon, eat some food on board - perhaps some Baltimore crab - and afterward, you’ll wind up back on dry land. Walk around the waterside and afterward either view or ride (if you need), the merry-go-round. It’s a milestone in the city and a beautiful spot.

From the Inner Harbor region now is the ideal time to go to Little Italy. This is a basic of a brief walk (only 3 minutes via vehicle). Your supper spot could be quite a few extraordinary eateries here, from Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant to Chiapparelli’s Restaurant, or even Germano’s Piattini. There are heaps. Later, have a great time at Mustang Alley’s Bar, Bowling Alley, and Bistro - open till midnight.

This section discusses some of the different types of buses you can use to transport your group.

Party buses in Baltimore come in many different shapes and sizes.

There are different types of other vehicles services also available: