You have been planning for this trip around the nation’s capital with your friends for the longest time. However, you are not yet sure how you will get everyone in your group to and from your destination. Thinking outside the proverbial box comes into play and voila! Shuttle bus rental option pops up. It’s the best way for your group to travel safely and efficiently.

Renting a Shuttle Bus In Washington DC is much easier with our Guide in 2021

Bus rentals are a perfect plan for a road trip around Washington DC. A rental shuttle bus is usually reserved for group transportation. Bus rentals are not an everyday thing, making this a significant decision. Choose a shuttle bus rental company that meets the group transportation needs.

Some factors come into play including the group size, distance to be traveled, preferred amenities and so on. This will be an easy shuttle bus rental guide to help you make the right decision.

How Many People are in the Group?

The number of people who intend to be on that trip is crucial. It will help you make the right choice for a shuttle bus, especially with the costs involved. A larger group will require a larger bus such as a bus charter or a mini bus.

Number of people allowed on a typical Shuttle Bus

How Many Seats Do You Need?

Rental shuttle buses come in a variety of sizes with different seat capacities. Bigger buses like a bus charter has 56 seats whereas a minibus will have around 36 seats. Your group size will determine the size of the shuttle bus you will rent.

What Amenities are Available in your Bus Charter?

Amenities vary from one shuttle bus to the next. The only commonality is an experienced and vetted driver. Some of the shuttle buses come with onboard restroom, luggage space, audio-visual equipment and Wi-Fi. If you’re worried about your comfort, a coach bus rental also comes with reclining seats. Reclining seats unlike typical ones give your legs comfort preventing swelling a common thing in long journeys.

Nowadays, you will also find charter buses with power outlets for mobile devices and other electronics. It’s all about choosing a rental shuttle bus that meets your needs as you get around Lincoln Memorial and beyond.

The condition of the shuttle bus

You cannot overlook the condition of the Washington DC charter bus that you are about to rent. The company you choose to hire from should maintain their charter buses regularly and make sure they are in good condition. No one wants a rental charter bus service that will break down along the way. It will make your field trip miserable and cost you considerable time that you would have spent having fun on your group trip.

Ascertain if you can bring food and drinks on the shuttle bus

Most, if not all bus services allow food and drinks. However, it is crucial to ascertain from the shuttle service company if this is allowed. Some shuttle service companies may restrict food and drinks to avoid the shuttle becoming smelly or messy after the group trip is made. If you can bring in edibles and drinks, ensure you leave the bus charter clean. Some bus charter rentals have a wastebasket to help collect trash before you leave the bus with your group.

Check to see if Food or Beverages are allowed on-board first

Customer service

Quality of service from the shuttle bus rental company determines the level of your comfort during the entire trip. You can tell about customer service right from the moment you place the first consultation call to rent a bus. Shuttle bus rentals should offer excellent and above-board customer service. Effective and reliable communication is vital when trying to find the best shuttle bus rental for your trip.

Shuttle/Charter bus rental prices in Washington DC

You want to rent a shuttle bus that fits within your budget. As such, you must be well informed about the costs involved for transportation services. You should go for budget-friendly shuttle services. Remember that the costs peg on factors like your trip date, location, duration of your trip, and so on.

Certain times of the year have a huge impact on transportation costs. You can book a shuttle bus in the off-season depending on the date of your trip. The prices are lowest at this time. We recommend that you request a quote from different companies in Washington D.C to find one that suits your budget

The driver of your shuttle bus rental Depending on the shuttle bus rental company, you are likely to get a designated driver. This ensures your safety during the group transportation. However, it might cost you an extra buck depending on the distance.

Drivers of charter buses, minibus rentals, and shuttle services can only sit behind the wheel for 10 hours consecutively, after which they take the mandatory 8-hour break. You can be assigned a second driver, which adds to an extra cost.

Remember, this depends on the distance of your trip, especially if it includes nights. Factor in the cost of your driver’s accommodation. If your group transportation involves moving away from Washington D.C and for several nights, it’s important to budget for the driver’s accommodation. Of course you want to make sure your driver is well rested to guarantee a safe group trip.

Can a member of your team drive the shuttle bus?

You can find out from the charter bus rental company if they allow anyone other than their employees to drive their bus charter. It is important because that will cut on the cost, especially if your trip is long and involves nights. This should be part of the preliminary consultations you ought to make with the transportation company.

It should not come as a surprise if your minibus transportation company only allows their personally vetted drivers. Of course, the company drivers have a proven record of clean driving. Besides, you and your team members may over indulge during the tour. Which means a driver from your group could put all of you at risk.

The parking of buses especially the large ones such as coach buses, minibuses, and shuttles is a bit different. Driving them around the nation’s capital is a bit easier because there are designated parking spots. However, if you’re far away from Washington DC, to find parking may be daunting requiring an experienced DC charter bus driver. Otherwise, you may get into trouble with local authorities which may ruin the whole tour.

How far in advance you ought to book

If you can engage the shuttle bus rental company between one 1 to 3 months in advance, it can be a good move. This gives you the right window to make necessary changes even as you prepare for the D-day of your tour.

Registration and accreditation

Ensure that the shuttle bus rental company is registered and accredited by relevant authorities. Most reputable companies will provide certificates upon request by customers. These aspects ensure that you will get to your tour destination safe and sound. You are also assured that your driver is experienced and has the necessary professional documents.

Reviews by customers

Reviews of any shuttle bus rental service are necessary. Pick a shuttle bus rental that is rated and preferred by many users. Positive reviews are necessary because they guarantee value for your money. Those with nothing to hide provide top-of-the-range shuttle bus rental services for group tours. Do not pick a shuttle bus rental that falls short of meeting your requirements. The review helps you in painting a picture of how your private shuttle bus will be.


The success of your group tour rests on the best shuttle bus rental that you choose. The above pointers are necessary to help you choose the best shuttle bus rental company that gives value for your money. Now you are ready for your group trip.