The party bus business has grown massively in a few years. It has become a luxury accessory, especially on occasions, whether it’s a wedding, prom night, birthday, or graduation party.

Many companies provide party bus services in all shapes and sizes; since you know the requirements that fit the day and the mood you are aiming for, shortlist the companies if not spot on the closest to your needs. You should not leave any stone unturned.

The party bus’s expectation is higher due to the opulence nature of the service, so any miscalculation would leave a bad taste.

Here are some key elements that will help you narrow down your options:

Understand the cost

Party bus has various options, depending on the location, amenities, and number of passengers. The prices may also vary with higher rates for occasions like weddings. Fridays and Saturdays with party buses are no different than other hospitality businesses. The demand is high, and so are the rates. So if you’re after lower rates, you have to plan it at non-peak times of the week. Below are the rates that will glance at the estimated price floor and ceiling of the business.

Party Bus Size Average Cost
18-20 Passenger Party Bus $120-$180/hour
21-25 Passenger Party Bus $200-$250/hour
26-30 Passenger Party Bus $260-$300/hour
32-40 Passenger Party Bus $300-$400/hour

Source: Kevin Smith Group

Check the availability

After settling down with the price, you need to have at least 5 shortlisted options based on the rates. You now have to narrow down your option to at least 2 and check the required dates’ availability; if possible, make a tentative booking for 3 services. Some big names in the business require you to book a month in advance, so think ahead and book the best party bus service for the special day.

PrivateCar - Party bus availability

Best practices

You need to find out the limitations and restrictions, for the occasion you are renting the party bus might have some regulations depending on different companies.

It’s a big no to bring extra people and expect for it to be accepted. Most party buses are limited between 18 to 30 people. It’s essential to ask in advance how many people your party bus accommodates. Do ask the make and the party bus model, ensure that the bus is safe to hire, and all the essential safety peripherals are in working condition.

Check Safety peripheral of the party bus Try to acquire the agreement in advance beforehand, stating the date, time, amenities, and cost. This practice ensures the delivery and would minimize the hassle; you don’t want to be seeking confirmations from 100 vendors that you have hired for a busy event like a wedding.

The most important is to book a party bus at least 8 days before, ideally on a Monday, because most party buses are returned over the weekend. You should avoid booking at the last minute because it provides luxury. There are thousands of events taking place every day.

Party Bus Rentals [A Definitive Guide] in 2021

Avoid last minute booking for party bus

Make sure to be on time at the pick-up and drop-off locations as these luxury providers charge an hourly rate and don’t want to be changed for the minutes that are not utilized. Another critical aspect of the service is the route; these companies are quite strict on the routes, and the driver is not allowed to change the request.

Don’t change the fix route for party bus

The route change in the middle of a journey must seek approval from the company’s office that to everyone is definitely an inconvenience. Finally, do not be rude to the driver in any given circumstance; you are entitled to make complaints to the company. Taking matters into your own hands will not be a good idea and bad practice to deal with such situations. Do not forget that they are well trained and have gone under extensive training and following their respective companies’ policy.

Enjoy the ride and make the most of it.