4 Must Apply Components To Digitize Your Transportation Business

It will be safe to say; we have just completed a decade of significant innovations and technological heights, we have experienced different industries getting disrupted with digitalization.

Digitize your transportation company

From health to education, agriculture to manufacturing, technology has changed the business. It has changed the minds of consumers. No wonder this was a decade that was equipped by technology to achieve humankind’s dreams; it has waited for a long time.

One such industry is transportation that has seen the greatest revolution in terms of technology. This article will focus on the areas that every transportation business that should be overhauled, especially the firms that have been here for a while without a digital existence. The new competition is entering with the technological strategy that will make the non-digital companies run for the money.

Transportation & Technology

Transportation is another area that has been taken by a tech storm. First, services like Uber changed this particular industry’s face, getting rid of the monopoly for taxi service in every corner of the world. Technology has provided solutions in most difficult times, whether using geofencing to limit and track your car’s whereabouts or the cashless transaction adopted amid covid-19 through digital payment gateways.

Following are the key components that can be applied in the initial stage of going digital. Every business should aim to achieve at least 50 to 70% of digitalization today and age.

1- Website & Mobile Phone Access

The millennials heavily depend on the information available online. They can’t trust a brand that doesn’t have a good website or digital presence as in whole, whether it’s related to booking a flight and comparing different carriers or hiring a limousine service from a travel aggregator. User-friendly websites and mobile applications have made the transportation industry proliferate because of the rapid increase and acceptance of e-commerce. Any business looking to create an edge must provide its customer access to its product or services through a mobile device.

Offering easy access via mobile phones in a fast-moving environment is the most effective strategy to market your business and capture the internet audience that is now more than a whopping 4.5 billion and social media breaking the barrier of 3.5 billion users.

“One of the benefits of having a website for small businesses is to be where your consumers are. There’s a reason, so many companies invest in a website with search engine optimization (SEO): 97 percent of people go online to find a local business, and 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine.” www.bluecorona.com

2- Social Media Existence

It’s all about attracting your customers through the valuable information on social media, the business practice has drastically changed in a few years, and this change is evolving. Social media is the best place to build your brand image and awareness; it allows you limitless communication with your target audience. It is also known as inbound marketing; the term inbound marketing was first used by HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan.

Many car rentals and limousine service businesses are very traditional and still follow the conventional approach to reaching out to their customers. You must understand this is the era of content race; the more value you provide to your customer, the more attracted they will be towards your brand. The best way for you to attract customers is not to sell all the time. People now tend to unfollow the pages that are selling most of the time; this gets cluttered and repulsive. Leave the selling part to the social media advertising plan, a campaign and budget for advertisements; your everyday post must focus on the customers’ problems and solutions.

Create an attractive Facebook business page because for transportation businesses like limousine and shuttle service; you need to use the best in B2C marketing. Create a marketing campaign that includes awareness of your brand and some monthly ad budget depending on how much you can spend. Write blogs that resonate with your buyers and provide information about current events and the transportation industry’s latest developments.

On the other hand, the transportation aggregator has been a good option for the companies who are still not capable of going digital, simply because of the lack of time and resources. It has allowed them to be digitally present through an aggregating website; most aggregators are very active on social media and possess user-friendly websites. This partnership has created an enormous business for the vendor of shuttle and limousine services by making it easier for their user to use one platform to compare prices and book a ride as per their needs.

3- Content Marketing

There are two types of content and approaches, one revolves around the brand, and the other revolves around providing value to the customers. It’s now broadly accepted that the most effective content is the one that gives value to the customer. The digital transformation has changed the content entirely. A brand’s content should circle its customers rather than being self-centered. Push strategy should not be applied in the digital marketing content, as people now feel they have been pushed by all the brands online. Post premium content at least 4 times a week, avoid your page covering everything, try to master only one side of the business; if you like to highlight other areas, then have it in the following month. Blog blog and blog, can’t stress it more because the content strategy has now reached a higher level; it was about particular keywords, and now it’s about topic clusters, pillar pages, and landing pages combined. Brand preference can only be increased by consistent online existence. Any business from transportation to manufacturing needs their brand to be the #1 choice for their audience. Digital presence improves relationships with the existing client and builds a softer image for the target market. The more you communicate with the audience, the more reliability your brand achieves. Providing value through your content should always be the goal; providing information and educating the customer should be a priority.

Pull strategy has proved to be the most effective and generates a consistent lead flow. The transportation business is not just decades old; it’s one of the oldest companies that evolved through time. So the content you share must grow with time; your content should come out as sympathetic and give a sense of helpfulness. Some good examples of the content topics are: “Best practices to book a ride to the airport” OR “10 reliable travel aggregators”. A topic like this provides value and helps customers decide with your help; if the content you shared helped, there is no question about them coming back for more and following your content regularly.

4- Reliable Customer Support

Reliable customer support is the backbone of the service industry. Software/tools HubSpot provides chat features that are best to utilize in the travel industry.

Gone are the days to wait for the customer support agents to receive your call. Your website and social pages must provide state-of-the-art chat support. Customer service through phone and an option for chat is a breath of fresh air for the customers and creates absolute trust in your brand by being available throughout the buyers’ journey.

With the involvement of technology, the consumer’s expectation has increased massively; the brands that do not evolve and offer such additional communication options are left behind and will cease to exist.

In conclusion, Shuttle or Limousine services mostly miss out on the perks of being active online. Just having a website won’t cut out anymore because social media posts, videos, and blogs are an accessory to drive traffic into the website; without having a full activation of these content marketing instruments, you won’t be able to produce consistent traffic to the website.

Needless to say, how cost-effective digital marketing is with an increase in its demand, there is a lot of help available online. “Inbound marketing is easy on your budget. Businesses on inbound marketing save more than $14 for every newly acquired customer” (Hubspot).

Consumers have shifted toward online buying due to the variety of shuttle and limousine service vendor’s availability. There is a high increase in online bookings rather than over-the-counter purchases. Human beings are attracted to pictures, videos, and audio. It makes the message delivery easy, and customers find it more appealing. The business should make the most of it and deliver the message that customers find attractive. Even the century-old communication form like the newspaper has a fair number of pictures only to give the readers the complete experience.

Finally, the beauty of digitalization is the ability to interact with the target audience through multiple mediums. Availability of digital existence gives the customer a decent space to make their buying decision and, at the same time, provides a brand