Limousine Business has evolved majorly in a lot of areas over the years. Whether it’s the innovation of limo vehicles themselves or the amenities it provides.

Although limousines have always been a symbol of luxury, it is also an expensive rental for an individual to bear the cost, unless you are lucky enough to be hiring it with a group of friends for an event like a prom night or a night out.

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Stretch Limos

Stretch Limos are the holy grail amongst all other types of limousines. This limo type has made it possible for different varieties to exist. Had the stretch limo concept failed, there won’t be a chance for the other limousines to evolve.

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It generally accommodates 12 to 18 people and is the favorite rental for events like weddings, prom nights, and bachelorette parties. Stretch Limos in-built amenities are extraordinary and worth every penny you spend. One of the reasons it’s called a ride of your life.

Convertible Limo

If you are looking for a thrilling night, then a convertible limo can provide you that. With the right weather on your side, you can enjoy some wide for a refreshing outing.

Since the booking has to be done in advance, make sure you have double-checked the weather forecast; otherwise, this plan will not work.

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It does not have the amenities that a regular limo provides, but it’s also limited to specific events that might be going out with friends of a party night, prom night, or attending a concert.

Stretch SUVs

The stretch SUV concept has come from the traditional stretch limousine, but there is a world of difference between the two. Since the SUV, by its nature, provides a lot of space, the stretch SUV comes with an extensive range of amenities due to the ample space. Being a regular rental choice for parties contains all the party essentials from strobe lights to the giant sound system. Related Blogs:

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It has gained massive popularity for parties and trendy events; it depends on your pick, although a stretch SUV can be a rental for any occasion.

The stretch SUV gives a contemporary feel and has just been introduced and perfected in recent times.

Hummer limousines

Hummer limousines are a class of their own. A regular hummer has been categorized as a beast without it being stretched; now imagine the experience of a stretched hummer.

Hummer comfortably seats 8 to 10 people depending on the stretched type. Hummer Limousine should be under the Stretch Limo category, but its uniqueness has created its league, and no other SUV comes close to be compared with Hummer.

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All the reasons for a limousine service provider to own a full-stack are inclined to keep a complete hummer limousine range. It becomes a treat for the bystanders and gives you the grand entrance to any event. Hummer is popular for bachelorette parties, night outs and birthdays due to its amenities with an ideal seating capacity.

Although there are now many types of the limousines the above mentioned are the most used and popular limousines in the business