Organizing a prom night, wedding or birthday can be time-consuming. Indeed, people run out of ideas; hence, one of the frequently asked questions related to party buses has to be: what fun activities can one organize? to have the party bus’s best utilization.

Party bus themes

It is an expensive rental, so planning to have the best time possible is a lifesaver. This piece might help you come over your creative block.

Party Bus Themes

Having a theme-based party gives a direction to your celebration and the amenities to ask for from the party bus company. There are some popular themes to consider:

Tech Party

Suppose you are a technology company having an annual dinner or the corporate awards, a technology lover planning to throw a birthday party. Consider hiring a party bus to elevate the event with the best tech ideas.

Technological party bus themes

Start with a digital invite based on the party theme, have those party favors digitized in electronic gift cards or coupons. It will be a sustainable and environmentally friendly idea that will save a lot of paper use. Your theme can involve video games from retro games like Super Mario or the latest Watch Dogs on PS4. Most party bus companies have PS4, Nintendo & Xbox pre-installed, so make the most of it.

Movie Themed Party Bus (Ghost Buster OR Back to the Future)

Are you a fan of one of the legendary movies like Star Wars? Live a day by fulfilling your fantasies around your favorite movie. Help your party bus organizer know about the theme you will have and find out what they can do to make it happen. Costumes are one way but having your party bus decorated with your favorite movie will add flavor that will blow everyone’s mind.

PrivateCar app for party bus

Most party bus companies specialize in organizing the parties that you have in mind, but if your idea is a niche, then they will need some help from you to organize.

Masquerade Ball

Masquerade is the classiest and the oldest theme from 16th century Italy; without a doubt, the most used party themes are the easiest to organize, and a lot of DIY can take place when planning a Masquerade theme for your party bus.

Masquerade theme for party bus

There are millions of mask ideas that you can choose from, and the friends can get together before the big day to have those masks ready. Whether it’s a ball party or a birthday, masquerade has always been one of the favorite themes, and the dresses are readily available to rent but ensure to acquire them before getting your hands on the best dresses.