We all know Limousine services are famous for some everyday events like weddings, prom nights, birthdays, and bachelorette parties. Since Limousine service has proven to be most economical when hired as a group, this unlocks many unconventional instances to have a limousine service experience added to it.

Winery Tours

Wine tours and the classiest hangout that you do with your friend, and since you have planned it together, you want to travel together. The best option is renting a limousine service and being together, saving a lot, and enjoying the luxurious ride of your life.

Limousine tours for wineries

Many limousine companies provide winery tours if they are around the same city. Otherwise, you can book a winery tour separately and have the limousine pick you and your friends for an exciting ride. Since you are on your way to a winery, you can enjoy the in-house bar of epic proportions on the limousine.

Limousines have one of the top quality music systems and the comfiest seats for long-haul rides. Wine Tasting might be one of the occasions where you need a designated driver to make sure you and your friends get home safe.

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Movie Premieres

Are you a group of friends who have a lot of movie nights? Then have an experience of the first day first show of the most awaited movie for your crew. Dress up and enjoy that bubbly on the way to the premier of the movie, and who doesn’t want to discuss and give their expert opinion about the movie afterward, with a limousine taking you back home or to the nearest bar to have that party going.

Rent A Limousine for movie premiers via privatecarapp  Limousine service these days are rented for a lot of atypical events, people didn’t ever see limousine be rented for a concert, but now it has become normal for friends to hire a limo for big concerts to share the ride cost, to have a designated driver and to go worry-free about finding the parking in such crowded events. Movie premiers alike have gained popularity amongst people to share a luxury ride amongst close friends.

Christmas Lights Tour

Christman is a special time of the year; every year, you want to do something different for your family to keep the event exciting. Cities, two, and villages are decorated with light that is only seen once a year. Children are excited to be with grandparents. Renting a limousine for a city light tour after dinner or a dinner on the go on Christmas eve would add to the excitement, and it would surprise everyone.

Rent Limousine For Christmas Light Tour at privatecarapp Limousine is a unique experience to have with your kids and close ones, especially on Christmas, an unconventional event to rent a limo.

This idea would blow everyone’s mind, and instead of just sitting at home you can roam around the town to see all the light without worrying about dodging the traffic, getting a parking space or driving.